Meet The Puppets

Allow ourselves to introduce……ourselves

(vocals, acoustic guitar)

A big music fan with a big music voice. From ballads to bangers, our adaptive front man has been singing in the shower his whole life and is ready to share that experience with you…from the stage…with clothes on…at least for our family-friendly shows.

Some of his favorite vocalists include:

Chris Cornell
Freddy Mercury
Roger Waters / David Gilmour
Luke Spiller
Steven Tyler

(lead guitar)

Two words….kick….ass. When our accomplished guitar player picks up one of his axes to shred, we never know what’s going to come out next. He will captivate you and take you on a musical journey down memory lane. If you get a couple of beers in him, he may even tell you about when he was a famous rockstar in Nepal.

Long list of favorite guitarists include:

Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
David Gilmour
Eric Clapton

(keyboards, keytar)

With an infectious smile, a huge heart and world-class skills on the piano, keyboards and even his blazing hot keytar, watching Raja perform is an experience you won’t soon forget! You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Number three on this page, number one in your hearts.

Some of his favorite pianists include:

Keith Emerson
Elton John
Jon Lord
Billy Joel
Richard Wright

(bass guitar)

If you’re like the rest of us, when you hear the word “bassist”, you immediately think “sexy” and in this case you’re spot on. As selfless as they come, our journeyman bass player brings the heat and kills you with kindness while soothing your soul with his sweet and savory bass grooves. A consummate professional and an integral piece of the engine that powers WONDERPUPPET!

Some of his favorite bassists include:

John Entwistle
Jack Bruce
Phil Lesh
John Paul Jones

(drums, cowbell)

If WONDERPUPPET! was a time-traveling DeLorean in a classic 80’s movie, Paul would undoubtedly be its flux capacitor. Tirelessly trying to keep the rest of us in sync across genres and tempos, he is a stalwart of precision and never misses a beat (he just leaves space for the rest of the band).

Some of his favorite drummers include:

John Bonham
Dave Grohl
Neil Pert
Keith Moon
Phil Collins


This dynamic duo of singing sophistication is as talented as they are beautiful. Most likely separated at birth, these two sound sirens are the life of the party and their voices help the band take on songs we have no business in attempting. They’ll hit you with their best shot and get you back on your feet again in no time!

Favorite bands include:

Led Zeppelin
The Cars
Def Leppard
Motley Crue
The Beatles